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ABOUT US: Saraighat College, located at Changsari is a rural based educational institution set up in the year 1981. The students from the greater Changsari area have enrolled themselves from villages like Changsari, Jalah, Bolaibil, Bamunigaon, Phulung, Rangmahal, Bhetamukh, Gouripur, Sila, Halugurichuk, Dhopatari, Bonmaja, Athiyaboi, Borka, Maniari, Panitema, Sonapur, Boragog, Sarikot, Kamalpur, Dorakahara, Paikana, Baihata Chariali, Nanara, Karara, Bihdia and even from different parts of Guwahati. The college has been providing Undergraduate Courses in the Arts Stream along with B.Voc course in Tourism & Travel Management.
The institution organized the first Alumni Meet in 2004 with the objective to bring the ex-students, present students and the faculties of the college together to share their experiences with each other. The first Alumni Association was formed in that meeting and since then the Alumni have remained as an integral part of the institution. They have been providing guidance and support to the present students and have also been sharing their valuable suggestions to the institution for its overall development. Some of the alumni have also participated in various events and functions organised by the institution. Some alumni have also acted as judge/speaker in various cultural, literary and sports events organised by the institution. The Alumni of our college have also given their feedbacks on the physical and support services of the college and based on their suggestions the college Management Body has planned the future roadmap of the college.
The first student who had enrolled in this institution was Sankar Boro from the village Balaibil, as per the record of the college, and hence, he is the 1st Alumni of our College. The first batch of students who took admission in various departments of the college has been furnished below.

A. The First batch of Assamese Dept. (Academic Session 1986-89)
1) Asir Ali
2) Manohar Deka
3) Biman Bora
4) Purnima Kalita
5) Hiramoni Nath
6) Jayanada Nath

B. The First batch of Economics Dept, (Academic Session 1990-93).
1) Dinesh Kumar Nath
2) Hitesh Nath
3) Hemanta Kumar Nath
4) Jayanta Kumar Nath
5) Naznur Haque
6) Sabin Deka

C. First Batch (Major course) Education Department, (Academic Session 1990-1993)
1. Bipul Ch. Sarma
2. Prabin Ch Kalita
3. Sarala Sut
4. Sarala Nath
5. Namita Nath
6. Ela Rani Boro
D. First Batch of ENGLISH Department (Major course), (Academic Session 1995-1998)
1. Ajoy Gogoi
2. Sekh Abdul Hamid
3. Harunal zemith
4. Tarini Dutta
E. First Batch of Political Science (Major course) (Academic Session 1989-1991)
1. Udai Deka
2. Kamaleswar Deka
3. Diganta Nath
4. Haiatun Nessa
5. Nandaram Deka
6. Tilak Choudhury
7. Layana Deka
F. First Batch of Philosophy department (Major Course), (Academic Session 1991-1992.)
1. Jesmin Ara Ahmed
2. Apurba Konwar
G. First batch of Persian (Major Course), (Academic Session 2007 to 2010)
1. Anowar Hussain
2. Jesmin Begum
3. Parul Begum
4. Sahrukh Hussain
5. Parbin Sultana

H. First batch of History (Major Course), (Academic Session 1992-1995)
1. Guptajit Pathak
2. Bhupen Deka

I. First batch of Geography (Honours Course) (Academic Session 2018-2019)
1. Nargish Begum
2. Nipu Barman
3. Syed Ashik Ahmed
4. Dipu Das
5. Sahin Begum
6. Nuri Begum
7. Najiya Tasmin

The First Students Union Body of the college was formed in the year 1981 and Mr. Muhim Bora, Retired Headmaster of Lachit Memorial high School, Jalah, was the first General Secretary of the College.

Sl No. Name Course Year of Passing Email Current Designation View Image
1Durlava nathGraduate2007dijunath130@gmail.comBusiness
2MAINU NATH Graduate2021nathmainu08@gmail.comStudent
3DIPAK NATHGraduate1995nathdipu1970@gmail.comHead Assistant
4Sunita SekhGraduate2020sunitasekh08@gmail.comStudent
5Sayera BegumGraduate2003Sayerabegum624@gmail.comAssistant Professor
6Rizaul AhmedGraduateKamrup@321rizaahmed32@gmail.comComputer Operator
7ANUP KUMAR NATHGraduate2016anupnath006@gmail.comTerritory Manager
8Dhrubajyoti DasGraduate2015dhruvjvfx@gmail.comVisual Effects Artist
9Deep Das2017ddeep1995@gmail.comAst. HR
10Jima Nath
11Jonali NathGraduate2008nathjonali72@gmail.comAssistant Teacher
12ASIK AHMEDGraduate2021asikahmed55970@gmail.comSALES OFFICER
13Banashree dekaGraduate2016banashreedeka12@gmail.comNill
14Himakshi kalita Graduate2016himakshi955@gmail.comAssistant secretary, NGO
15Najiya Tasmin Graduate2021naziyatasmin777@gmail.comStudent
16Apurba kalita Graduate2014kalitaapurba93@gmail.comMR
17Deepjyoti dasGraduate2021pdeepdas2021@gmail.comOutdoor digital sales specialist(Odss)
18Sahin begumGraduate2021sahin.begum1419@gmail.comStudent
20Momitul AhmedGraduate2018momitul95@gmail.comOwner
21Jima Nath
22Tilak kumarGraduate2019tilakk653@gmail.comService
23NARGISH BEGUM2021alisagor6599@gmail.comMorigaon college
24Biswajit NathGraduate2018utpalnath134@gmail.comIndia
25Sekh Abdul Firuz Graduate2006rahatsheikh8477@gmail.comPrincipal
27JINTU KUMARGraduate2019jintu.kumar1997@gmail.comLO
28JINTU KUMARGraduate2019jintu.kumar1997@gmail.comLO
29Priyanka NathGraduate2014priyanath1115@gmail.comHousewife
30Asharika DasGraduate2019ashadasrika99@gmail.comSubject teacher
31Shikha Mani Kalita Graduate2021kalitashikha14@gmail.comPgdca
32Rimli BegumGraduate2015rimlibegum212@gmail.comCRO(Grade Assistant Manager)
34Kabita nathGraduate2017kabitanath575@gmail.comWorking at junior college
35PRATIM SARMAGraduate2018pratimsarma257@gmail.comExecutive ROW permission
36Sri ritumoni konwarGraduate2021ritumonikonwar854@gmail.comStudent
37SUNIMA DASGraduate2021dassunima83@gmail.comStudent
38Dr Sekh Abdul Professor
39Nitumani NathGraduate2018nitumaninath20@gmail.comStudent
40KANGKANA KALITA2019kalitakangkana5@gmail.comStudent
41Priyanka Nath2015priyankanath2694@gmail.comGraduate teacher
42KAJAL LAHKARGraduate2015kajallahkar94@gmail.comChangsari
43Kamal kakatiGraduate2019kakatik30@gmail.comLoading and unloading supervisor
44Manjit NathGraduate2016manvai.nath@gmail.comLaboratory Assistant
45Nituma kakatiGraduate2018nitumakakati2018@gmail.comAdvocate
46Hira moni.kalitaPost Graduate2017hirakalita194@gmail.comAssistant teacher
47Jayanta Das Graduate2018djayanta6591@gmail.comLLB Student
48Karishma nathGraduate2021karishmanath201@gmail.comChangsari
49Jerina AhmedGraduate2022jeriahmed844@gmail.comMaster degree (MA)
50UPA DASGraduate2023udas67127@gmail.comIndia
51Sahina ahmedaGraduate2021Sahinaahmeda786@gmail.comMandakata
52Shehnaz AhmedGraduate2021ahmedsumi75@gmail.comMandakata camp
53Sri anamika deka Graduate2021srianamikadeka586@gmail.comBaihata chariali
54Bhabani Deka Graduate2003bhabanideka@256gmail.comTeacher
55Najma Begum Graduate2020najmabegum9493@gmail.comStudent
56Jehirul Rahman Graduate2021rahmanjehirul786@gmail.comHousekeeping supervisor (AIS)
57VIOLINA BHARATIGraduate2021violinabharati5500@gmail.comCHANGSARI,KAMRUP,ASSAM
58Priyanka nath2015priyankanath2694@gmail.comGraduate teacher
59Bhitali das
60Bhitali das
61Hemanta Das Graduate2017das1994hemanta@gmail.comPh.D Research scholar
62Dipshikha NathGraduate2019dipshikhanath19990908@gmail.comAssam Police (UB)
63Anamika kalitaH.S.2018Kalitaanamika370@gmail.comIndia
64Bhashyati DekaGraduate2015bhashwatideka@gmail.comAssistant Teacher
65Sahin sultanaGraduate2022sahinsultana070@gmail.comGraduated
66HIRANYA JYOTI NATHGraduate2009hiranyajyotinath88@gmail.comAssistant Teacher
67Chumi patowary Graduate2021patowarysumi47@gmail.comStudent
68SYED ABDUR RASHID CHOUDHURYGraduate2002choudhuryarashid@gmail.comAsstt. Teacher
69Satyajit DasGraduate2021satyajitdas552052@gmail.comStudent
70Rimjim Lahkar Graduate2020richalahkar156@gmail.comStudent
71Ratul NathGraduate1982ratulnath.30oct@gmqil.comHead Teacher
72Bhagyasri KakatiGraduate2014bhagyasrikakati123@gmail.comAssistant Teacher
73Pompy TalukdarGraduate2022*pompytalukdar4@gmail.comPart time teaching job
74Sharmista dasGraduate2021sharmista36@mail.comStudent
75Hiyamoni RajbongshiGraduate2021hiyamonirajbongshi981@gmail.comStudent
76BABUL ALIGraduate2021mdbabulali788@gmail.comStudent
77Ranjit BoroGraduate2017ranjitboro437@gmail.comAssistant Teacher
78Swarnamoni KonwarGraduate2019Www.konwarswarna99@gmail.comRelationship Officer
79Enamoni kalitaGraduate2022kalitasangita96@gmail.comStudent
80Suruj dekaGraduate2020surujdeka678@gmail.comGovt employee
81KASHMIRI NATHGraduate2020moninath08@gmail.comSTUDENT
82Surajit dasGraduate2021dsurajit0092@gmail.comStudent
83Himakshi dekaGraduate2021dekahimakshi581@gmail.comStudent
84Niharika dekaGraduate2022dekanihatika73@gmail.comMA in education
85Jonmoni Nath Graduate2020jonmoninath878@gmail.compart time teaching
86Firoj AliGraduate2022firojalifiroj643@gmail.comStudent
87Pranjit dasGraduate2022dasparnjit555@gimal.comStudent
88Anusri DasGraduate2022anusridas023@gmail.comM.A in Education
89Bandana Lahkar2020bandanalahkar001@gmail.comMTTM
90Richa BegumGraduate2020richabegum525@gmail.comPart-Time Teacher
91Bhabana NathGraduate2022bhabananath639@gmail.comHR
92BHABANA HIRAGraduate2017bhabanahira@gmail.comAssistant teacher
93BARASHA KALITAGraduate2021barashanath458@gmail.comSTUDENT
94Pinki sharmaGraduate2015pinki37252@gmail.comAssistant Graduate Teacher ( Arts)
95SUMI NATHGraduate2022nathsumi944@gmail.comChangsari
96Ritu mani nathPost Graduate2019ritumaninath2746@gmail.comStudent
97Latika Kalita Graduate2015latikakalita8@gmail.comContractual Lecturer
98BEAUTY BEGUMGraduate2020beautybegum6655@gmail.comPart time teaching
99Rijumoni deviGraduate2004Www.devirijumoni104@gmail.comAssistant teacher
100Jesmin sultanaGraduate2020jesminsultana335@gmail.comStudent
101Dulu mani kalita Graduate2020dulumanik578@gmail.comPrivate job
102Nayan Jyoti MedhiGraduate2017nayanjyotimedhi010@gmail.comCashier
103Jayasri BorahGraduate2020borahjaya991@gmail.comPart time teaching
105Chandrama Thakuria Graduate2016chandramathakuria8191@gmail.comGraduate Teacher
106Narayan SarmaGraduate1995sarma.narayan13@gmail.comAdvocate
107Bikram DasGraduate2020dasb12014@gmail.comStudent
108Bikram DasGraduate2020dasb12014@gmail.comStudent
109Sahin sultanaGraduate2022
110MRIGEN DEKAGraduate2018mrigen1997d@gmail.comASSIGNMENT DESK EXECUTIVE
111Sumi dasGraduate2018dsumi0365@gmail.comVolunteer
112Narjuma BegumGraduate2022begumnarjuma95@gmail.comStudent
113Apurba Khound Graduate2018apurbakhound@gmail.comCommunity Organization ( CO)
114Saroj kumar DekaGraduate2001sarojkrdeka786@gmail.comAsstt Teacher
115SUSHILA TAMANG Graduate2015sushilatamang321@gmail.comGRADUATE TEACHER
116Lukumani Nath Graduate2014lukumaninath@gmail.comAssistant Teacher
117Dipankar DasGraduate2020dipankardipu12@gmail.comStudent
119Mrinal Kumar NathGraduate2010mkn060389@gmail.comComputer Operator (Contractual)

 To strengthen the bond between the college and its alumni community.
 To facilitate lively contact between alumni and Alma Mater.
 To promote career Guidance, Placement scope, interaction with various
Educational Institutions.
 To Conduct Social Awareness Programs and Plantation Programs for the
upliftment of the society.
To provide financial support to any Alumni member and their immediate family members in case of severe need.
 To award scholarships and aids to the outstanding students of Saraighat
 To provide assistance and facilities for all round development of Saraighat
College Alumni Association.

 To arrange Special Coaching classes for H.S. & Graduate level students to prepare them for various Competitive Examinations of State and National Level.
 To facilitate Skill based and Vocational classes for the Alumni and the students.
 To promote various social and Youth Awareness Programmes.
 To arrange Cultural Programmes and Performing Arts for the youths.
 To help the needy and the poor students of Saraighat College.

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Account number 41595784398
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